About being a Camgirl


Hi! My name is Flora and I have been a webcam model for more than eight years. Four years ago I started a blog trying to help all the women that share my lifestyle, not knowing that this little project was going to become a really help site inside the latin webcam community, and we are not talking only about women, but men. Years after this I decided to take a big jump and translet most of my posts to English so that, if that is the case, I can help more people, sharing them experiences and tips about the Camgirl lifestyle.

I have always been open about my job, and that is why people is always asking me or telling me stories related to this world, I also get to share mines and I’m sure many of you will agree with many of my experiences. The idea of this blog is that we all share information and if that allows us to grow as individuals and as a community: welcome to my space!

I also found that there was little or non existent information in Spanish about this world, so that is why I took too long to start translating this. I’m not a “ooooh! I have a blog” kind of girl, if you reallt want to know this world, I recommend that you not only read my blog but plenty of those in the outside.

Being a professional cam model requires studies, talents and it is pretty much of a discipline, a professional career inside the adult entertainment industry, it is not a job for taking it too easy, you have to be multilingual (as for native Spanish speakers), you have to be creative and it will help if you have a professional title.

As I told you before, this years I have spent them 100% dedicated to my profession, I don’t really think I have take more than one month of vacations since I starded, first I started working in a studio for three years and then I got independant. I’ve built my career practically by myself, I recognize I have learned so much from others, but the main effort goes to myself.

This blog is an open place for all the people interested in becoming Camgirls (or boys), I don’t make this blog for money, I really want to express my opinion of all I have lived and learned.

Before you come into this world please read, investigate, watch videos, think about it plenty of times. There are many ways of getting hurt (phisycally, emotionaly) and you can have plenty of experiences that can traumatize you and this is not a decision that you should take lightly.

Take your time to read and enjoy my posts! And follow me on my Twitter account: Floracamgirl.

Welcome all!



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