Working from home or in a studio? Ups and downs of each one (Pt. 2)


Previously we talked about the ups and downs of working in a studio, now we are going to see the other side of the coin: broadcasting from home:

Working from home is something everyone wants to do: be your own boss, manage your own schedule, and the best of all is not going out. It is the best thing that can happen to you, in my case I started woking from my place after six months of being in a studio, while I bought things for my room, bought a proper computer and a decent webcam and installed the best internet service.

Due to my previous experiences I already knew which page suited me the most, but the beginning was not that easy, the first big obstacle one can encounter is building discipline. You are at you house, you wake up late and if you don’t shower early, you will still have your lazyness attached to your back, the next day you go out to a Starbucks with a friend, the day after you find another excuse and then you realize it will be payday and you have only worked two days, that’s when you start to desperately broadcast and start asking for tokens, because you didn’t work enough time to achieve your monthly goal. The worst part is that you will find many models doing the same, some of them will even be in a worse position so they will be doing all kind of stuff to get as much tokens as they can, so competition in the last three days befor paydays are the worst, also, users are people, they have bills, they sometimes have a family to support, so, guess who are also a little broke on those days? we all are!

In my opinion, most of latinas lack of discipline, specially when they finish working from a studio, they usually experience a decrease in their income for this reason, many friends and even me have been through that situation. Only a few percentage of models that work from home stand out from the rest, because when you compare latinas with american, european or asian models you can see a big difference on punctuality, in fact if you want to become good models, take some notes from what they do.

I remember when I became independant, since I had a lot of “free time” that became suspicious to my family, I went to all the family trips, parties, dinners, and pretty much any event they planned, even if it was in the middle of the week, it is neccesary to create a routine, so you don’t make the mistake of leaving all for the last day. In order to do this, it is good to make a schedule for your daily things, don’t procrastinate, always do something on your free time, because that time could be useful to learn something new.

Being a camgirl requires lots of work, and when they talk about easy money it is because they don’t know anything about the topic, for reaching any goal you must work hard, be constant, study, because money doesn’t grow on trees, it is the reward for your dedication, and that reward doesn’t come in one night.

After you take back control from everything, you learn that working from home is the best thing ever, you don’t miss time in traffic, you can do things you like, if it rains is not a problem for you, while the streets are full of chaos you are at your comfy room, you turn off your computer after you are done and find yourself already in bed 😃.

To finish this thread and if you are a new model wondering where to start working I truly suggest: search for a studio, be there for a while and after you are confident enough, go to your place and become independant.

Lots of love for you all!


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