Working from home or in a studio? Ups and downs of each one (Pt. 1)


Hello! before I start talking about this topic I have to explain a little bit about it. For many models this might sound a little strange, but belive me, it’s pretty common in countries with non-english speakers. Most of us started our careers in webcam studios, which are places, usually houses, with lots of bedrooms, each one equipped with a bed, a computer and a webcam, where models can broadcast in different shifts and the owner takes a percentage of their payment for renting the room and the equipment. This might seem strange at first but as I was saying, it’s pretty common in developing countries where a woman can’t afford a nice computer, stable internet connection, a pretty room, or privacy. Some of these women live with their family, or share a room with their siblings, so they have the need to have their our place that they can use for hours in order to perform well, these places are called studios, and today’s post is about analyzing the ups and downs of working in one,

So, the first thought many of us usually have is: “the best option is to work from home”, that’s easy to think, right? but doing it is a process. I’m not saying it’s impossible, but it takes time and I’m explaining why:

I started as a camgirl in a studio, there I had the opportunity to learn things like how many types of pages there are and how did they work, I learned how to fix common hardware and software errors, how to put the lights so I could look better, I met other camgirls so I was always in company of experimented people which gave me instructions and tips on how to become a better model, they helped me when I needed it, I also had a schedule, I had to work a minimum of hours a day which helped me build discipline, making me a better camgirl.

The studio will give you a variety of pages where you can work, they are supossed to guide you while you choose the page you feel more comfortable with, and they will open all your accounts, saving you from doing all this process, you have to understand that most of the pages are in English and many models don’t speak lots of this language so having someone to help you is much better.

Regarding the models with child or family, the best options is working in a studio, they can leave their work tools there (dildos, panties, costumes), making it the most discreet option when it comes to cam modeling. 

In my opinion, the best way to start as a Camgirl is working from a studio, the experiences that you have are way better than the ones at home when you are a newbie. In my case I started working as an independant model six months after working for a studio, and this was very helpful because I already knew most of the things I needed, I could handle any situation way better than I did when I started, I was already positioned as a model and had the support of my studio. Starting from scratch as an independant model it’s only gonna delay the learning process, risking money when making a big investment in equipment and then realizing that this was not your dream job and not having someone to talk about it, like I did with my “coworkers”.

I’m only talking about my experience, everyone is free to make their own decissions, there are models that started as independant, but in Latin America there are not many of them.

As for the downs of working in a studio, there could be many if you don’t start in the right place. Many of them try to convince women to enter this business with false promises, and once they hire them, they don’t give the proper induction, resulting in a model that will not reach the desired amount of tokens and they get fired. There are plenty of places that lack of vision, they treat their models like a piece of meat, making them quitting the industry in a short term and leaving all their videos and photos in the cloud, exposing their image to the open public. It’s a must for a studio to educate and teach the models to be better and to give them reasons for they to go to work, if they don’t do that they are dooming themselves to get stuck in the same place forever and watching their former models become succesful without them.

So, what are the ups and downs of working from home? Don’t miss my next post!

Lots of love,



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